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Compressor Motor Starters.

  • Direct On Line starters (DOL).

“A direct on line (DOL) or across the line starter applies the full line voltage to the motor terminals, the starters or cubicle locations, can usually be found on an ELO drawing. This is the simplest type of motor starter. A DOL motor starter also contains protection devices, and in some cases, condition monitoring. Smaller sizes of direct on-line starters are manually operated; larger sizes use an electromechanical contactor (relay) to switch the motor circuit. Solid-state direct on line starters also exist.

A direct on line starter can be used if the high inrush current of the motor does not cause excessive voltage drop in the supply circuit. The maximum size of a motor allowed on a direct on line starter may be limited by the supply utility for this reason. For example, a utility may require rural customers to use reduced-voltage starters for motors larger than 10 kW.[5]

DOL starting is sometimes used to start small water pumps, compressors, fans and conveyor belts. In the case of an asynchronous motor, such as the 3-phase squirrel-cage motor, the motor will draw a high starting current until it has run up to full speed. This starting current is typically 6-7 times greater than the full load current. To reduce the inrush current, larger motors will have reduced-voltage starters or variable speed drives in order to minimise voltage dips to the power supply.

A reversing starter can connect the motor for rotation in either direction. Such a starter contains two DOL circuits—one for clockwise operation and the other for counter-clockwise operation, with mechanical and electrical interlocks to prevent simultaneous closure.[5] For three phase motors, this is achieved by swapping the wires connecting any two phases. Single phase AC motors and direct-current motors require additional devices for reversing rotation.”

Source: Wikipedia

1 Kw DOL compressor starter mounted in a panel with Manual off Auto switch and fault light indicator. Manufactured from high quality components from $999.00.

  • Soft Starters, Star/Delta starters and Variable Speed Drives . Save wear and tear on your compressor and save money on electricity.

Multiple Compressors or Different Brands

Two or more compressors to control or matching two different brands. No worries!

  • Two compressor control, using a smart logic controller to swap run duty cycles on a regular basis, you can also use offline compressor as a fault backup. As soon as the running compressor fails a fault light is indicated on the control panel and the off line compressor takes over.
  • Manufactured from high quality components from $1,500.